The internet can be a great enabler and source of freedom for disabled users. As such, the value of LEL Online (and the wider web) to our disabled and ageing audiences depends on its accessibility. We are committed to ensuring that the LEL website is as accessible to disabled and elderly people as reasonably possible.
We aim for a consistently high level of usability for our entire audience across our website, following best-practice accessibility guidelines. We engage with disabled, non-disabled and elderly people throughout website development to fully understand user requirements and ensure we produce content on our website that meet these.

This policy was last updated: May 2016

​We are committed to providing a website that is accessible to all our users. The content on our website has many different purposes and audiences, so making sure our website is accessible is an ongoing process.

If you have accessibility needs, the BBC website provides useful information on how to make web browsing easier. They explain in more detail the many ways you can change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible for you.

See the links to the BBC Website below, for full details and further information.

For people who can't see very well

the colours and the contrast between colours; the size of text; the choice of fonts.

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For people who are blind

how a screen reader interprets the elements on a page (for example, alt tags for images, and title tags for links).

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For people who find words difficult

the ease with which someone can navigate to parts of the page (for instance, by tabbing) & auto-completion of forms.

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For people who find a keyboard difficult

the length of sentences and paragraphs; the complexity of the vocabulary; the choice of fonts and size of text.

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Alternatively you can View All BBC Accessibility Guides if the particular guide you want isn't shown here.

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